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“I have been treated by Sholeh Fadami over the past 17 years as I have a couple of injuries from my youth that have had a long-term impact. She has saved me from a great deal of pain and sickness. She clearly knows exactly what she is doing and you can always have 100% confidence in her. She is impressively accomplished in her skills and in the application of her extensive medical knowledge. With a sense that a strong intuition also guides her, a patient will naturally have the feeling that she is a true healer.”
M Glover

“I’ve been visiting Sholeh to help rectify a sports injury and my visits to her have been a revelation. As we get a little older and creakier it’s tempting to assume that we just need to live with our niggles and pains, however we really don’t. After only a few visits to Sholeh I have regained so much mobility and my pain and discomfort has all but disappeared, she really does have magic healing hands. I am so glad to have found Sholeh and discovered the wonderful benefits of osteopathy with an empathic and experienced practitioner.”
Georgina Langley

“Sholeh is very professional and friendly. I’ve seen her 16 yrs ago and again recently. Listens and gives you full attention, I definitely recommend her and even my son is going for a checkup with back problems. Also she will not over prescribe appointments. In my opinion very skilled at her job and easy to talk too.”
Joseph Mchugh, Ealing

“I have been seeing Sholeh Fadami for 11 years and in all honesty this review should have been written a very long time ago, as this lady has changed my life. In 2006 I was in a car accident that fractured bones in my neck that caused me to have extreme migraine headaches that also effected my sight causing my vision in one eye to judder. Upon getting MRI scans of the affected area, doctors informed me that they could not do anything to permanent heal my condition as the damage was too close to sensitive ares of my spinal column and that I would have to live with this discomfort. It was then my father recommended her practice to me. I still remember the immediate relief that I got after the very first treatment I had with her, the effect was instant, and meant I was able to work at my desk without any pain for the first time in months. Since then, I have seen Sholeh for 3 to 4 sessions twice a year and every time she has worked magic on my neck and posture. Aside from being a master in her field, she is one of the kindest most considerate people I know and I feel very fortunate to have met her. I cannot recommend her highly enough, she is a real miracle worker in her profession.”
Tuhin Chisti, Ealing

“Outstanding osteopath, through last 25 years whenever I have injured myself Ms Fadami has got me back on track , able to function and live with my pain until she gets me well. Her assessment is very methodical and precise, NHS physio therapist and orthopedic surgeon have never resolved my problems, Sholeh Fadami comes highly recommend by my endorsement.”
Nancy Murphy, Ealing

“I am absolutely delighted to recommend Sholeh. Her experience and techniques are second to none and I have been a long standing client over many years. Sholeh is a true professional, wonderful company and highly regarded.”
Glenn Calder, Ealing

“Sholeh is amazing. I just did trail-walker 2016 100km across the South downs in under 30 hours and was troubled by SIJ pain. I had seen a physio had been exercising and strengthening etc. But after 4 session I was noticeably pain free and most importantly got through my walking challenge. Would highly recommend her expert hands and skills! Thank you so much Sholeh!”
Phoenix Star, Ealing

“Sholeh is an amazing, professional and highly knowledgeable Osteopath who quickly resolved my lower back issues which I had been suffering with for a long time. I highly recommend her!”
Blue Mat

“Your insights into and treatment of my daughter’s issues has made a huge difference in her health. Thank you!”
Mother, Ealing W5

“My two oldest boys have been treated at the clinic for many years. We’ve been very very happy with the treatment and the staff. If you’re looking for a new paediatric osteopath I would highly recommend this practice. It also specializes in so many children’s conditions.”
Parent, Ealing W13

“Excellent patient care. Thank you”
Parent, Ealing W5