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Osteopaths look at the body as an interactive system of social, mental, emotional and physical parts intrinsically linked via the musculo-skeletal system. They therefore take into account every factor in a patient’s life rather than just addressing the symptoms, this therefore makes their outlook very holistic. Conditions osteopaths treat

Osteopathy is a safe and natural approach to healthcare for all life stage and because it is person centred, and is geared to you as an individual. This makes osteopathy by far the most established, respected and utilised of all complimentary therapies.

“To find health should be the object of the physician. Anyone can find disease.” Dr Andrew Taylor Still, Founder of Osteopathy

The body has a fantastic ability to heal. However if it cannot fully heal itself due to age or injury it will do the best job it can. In such cases it will make changes and compensations to adapt to the condition. This will help the person cope in the short term but eventually will lead to greater problems in the future if not resolved. This is where osteopathy can help the patient adapt and accelerate the healing mechanism.

Why See Us
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